Mastery Level Platinum Program


Obtain Business Mastery Through Empowerment and Awareness

Our Mastery Level Platinum Program starts with a cash flow strategy session to determine exactly where the best opportunities for cash flow and profit growth exist in the business.

Then your management teams are brought together for an intensive workshop bringing out the best solutions for each of the seven levers of cash flow and forming them into a strategic set of promotion and project plans including a budget forecast, comprehensive analysis reports, benchmarking and setting of KPI’s.  

Then over the course of 6 months, a weekly accountability program has the team checking in regularly to drive the strategy forward. 

Payment plans are available for this program at $1,666/mo for 6 months – Contact Us to Arrange


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How Does It Work?

The Mastery Level Platinum Program takes these previous 2 programs and up-levels to include comprehensive analysis reports, benchmarking and setting of KPI’s, weekly strategy and accountability sessions and training both in your financial literacy as well as your leadership and growth mindset. The Future Funding Analysis looks at your Vision, Mission and the impact you want your business to have and matches this to funding opportunities provided by governments and councils.

Strategy Development

Throughout the strategy sessions and budgeting process, we will consider the desired growth in the key margins of your business. we then analyse the various elements of cost control, capital expenditure, growth plans, cash requirements and revenue opportunities.

Each quarter you will have clear revenue, growth and margin targets. These key metrics can then be presented as part of pitch decks to potential investors.

Scenario BuildingCash Flow Strategy Session

Using your financial data, we use our analysis tool to show you exactly how much each of the seven levers of cash flow are impacting your business. Finding the largest gains and easiest wins for you and your team to implement.

Our strategists collate your future vision and objectives and create step by step financial and growth targets to meet these objectives including mapping out resource and talent requirements and the business structure and budget model.

Cash Flow Strategy SessionImplementation Plan

Over 6 months you will get guided, expert support to develop, understand and implement your Strategic Plan, budget and KPI’s with weekly accountability sessions that incorporate teaching you financial literacy within your business and industry.  We work with the Management Team to develop their leadership and growth mindset.

You will get specialised expert support in your Future Funding Analysis to ensure any opportunities for Government Grants are aided through the application process.






Not sure if this Program is right for you? Book your Free discover session HERE to find out more


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