Cash Flow Strategy Session


Creating a Pathway to Drive Cashflow

The biggest challenge that many businesses have is unpredictable cash flow. This can even be the case when profits and revenues are strong. Much of the time of management is taken up in juggling cash rather than being able to follow a strong strategic pathway.

Take the guesswork out of your financial strategy setting. Our Cash Flow Strategy Session tests the fitness of your business against our 7 cash flow levers.

Receive a comprehensive report and analysis including your profitability ratios, working capital timeline and future funding requirements.

Set your high level financial KPIs for each cash flow lever predicting the revenue, profitability and cash flow of your decisions.


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How Does It Work?

Our qualified Chief Financial Officers (CFO) take your financial data from the last 3 periods, check it for any reporting challenges and run it through our comprehensive scenario analysis tools. We then create a customised report for you as well as a presentation for you and your management team.

In a 2 hour strategy session you will be shown through the key challenges identified by the CFO. We will fully explain the 7 levers of cash flow and their dollar impact on your business based on your financial data. We will then help you to focus on the three metrics that will produce the biggest cashflow improvements while maintaining or improving profitability.

Throughout the session we will discuss with your team the opportunities that exist to create the changes so you and your team can pull together the strategic plan necessary to implement the growth.

These sessions rely on us using three consecutive periods of your complete financial data.

Strategy Development

Our strategy sessions use your numbers to determine which of the Seven Levers of Cash Flow are going to set your cash flow and profit targets.

Then each of these 7 levers, from Pricing to Debtor Days and Overheads to Cost of Sales has online calculators and lessons, tips and tricks and case studies


Scenario BuildingCash Flow Strategy Session

Using your financial data, we use our analysis tool to show you exactly how much each of the seven levers of cash flow are impacting your business. Finding the largest gains and easiest wins for you and your team to implement.

We show you the net improvement in your cash flow and profit positions and set the key performance metrics for your strategy.


Cash Flow Strategy SessionImplementation Plan

Using our understanding of the Wealth Dynamics profiles used by more than quarter of a million people world wide, we overlay the seven levers of cash flow onto the  profiles.

This enables us to explain these metrics in simple terms and help you work out the members of your team – either your in-house team or external consultants who would be best placed to help you meet your goals







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