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My Story

I knew I had something special to give when I spent time with other women in business and could see that my experience has given me some very unique insights and skills. I am an experienced Strategy Coach and Accountant with extensive and diverse real world experience. I support women in business with financial literacy, cashflow, strategy, planning, systems and processes and with finding flow, joy, wellness and achieving their vision.

Super Fast Cashflow Academy

Create time by systemising your business to work without you, create consistency and scale your business to meet your business goals. This monthly membership gives you access to super fast learning modules to get you measurable outcomes in the shortest times possible.

Strategic Coaching Programs

Our program starts with a focus on your vision and goals for every area of your business and life. By identifying the destination we create the strategic plan to get the growth and freedom every entrepreneur dreams of. Plus I can work with you to get the funding you need to work and grow with me.


Looking for an engaging speaker who specialises in accessing funding, understanding financials and cashflow and empowering women to grow their confidence, clarity and passion so that they can thrive in business and life? Michelle’s presentations can set the foundation for financial literacy and ownership of results.


Michelle is a creative, thought provoking, inspiring entrepreneurial business coach that pushes all your boundaries to achieve your goals with success, ease and certainty. She encourages you to step up and out of your comfort zone and to create all of your desires and goals you have had locked away and stored in your treasure chest for such a long time. If your wanting results with a coach that will hold you accountable with love, empathy and persistence then Michelle is the leading coach for your business and yourself. She has a wealth of knowledge, being an accountant herself.
Kelly Quessada
Coaching Client
I highly recommend Michelle as a coach to anyone if they are serious in wanting to learn about themselves, their lives and make positive changes. Michelle is proficient, genuine and thorough in her ability to assist you with whatever situation you may be concerned with. I received the most outstanding support, guidance, encouragement honesty and advice. Thank you, Michelle!
Jacinta Parry
Coaching Client
"Michelle's services as a strategic coach have been invaluable in helping me to understand how to better approach controlling my business finances."
Coaching Client
Let me help you realize your business goals and find success!


Super Fast Cashflow Academy
Membership and Online courses
From $49/mo
  • Strategic Plan Roadmap
  • Super Fast Courses
  • Expert workshops
  • Live Q&A's
  • Supportive Community
  • Systemise Your Business
Strategic Coaching Programs
From $1,199/mo
  • Strategic Planning
  • Cashflow Strategy Sessions
  • Financial Literacy For Growth
  • Accountability Program
  • Budget Building
Mastery Level Platinum Program
From $1,666/mo
  • Comprehensive Analysis Report
  • Setting of high level KPI's
  • Future Funding Analysis
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions
  • What-If Analysis
  • Budget

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